WebPro Video Tutorials


Following are a set of videos to help you get familiarized with using the InstaJS WebPro Site Builder Platform

Tutorial 01 - Initial Site Configuration & Selecting a Template

The fastest way to build a new site is to leverage an existing web or page template.  This quick video walks takes you through the process of setting up the initial site settings and selecting a Template.  After that, it is simply modifying text and image contents.

 Tutorial 02 - Setting up Header & Footer Menus

The InstaJS Site Builder platform has a flexible and unique method of setting up Header & Footer Menus.  Once you set up the Menu navigation hierachy, it can be transferred to the different Header & Footer Styles with ease.

Tutorial 03 - Adding & Editing Text

One of the most used sections is the 'Text' Section.  This quick video shows how you can add Text blocks within your webpages and modify the way it appears by changing fonts, font sizes, colour, background etc.

Tutorial 04 - Adding & Editing Images

The InstaJS Site Builder platform has a lot of different Image possibilities.  From Zoomable images to images that have a shading effect up hover.  Regardless of the 'effect' of the image, the way to add and crop them is the same.  Likewise, you can define a hyperlink if you want the photo to take the user to a different page.

 Tutorial 05 - Setting up Multiple Languages

Setting and maintaining multiple languages on a site is easy.  Watch how a new language is added and pages updated.

 Tutorial 06 - Setting up a Google Map

Watch the tutorial video to see how a Google Map based on your desired Address can be set

Tutorial 07 - Creating a Form

Set up a contact us form where user is able to enter information and also upload an attached file as well

Tutorial 08 - Setting up a Product Category

Set up a product category  where user is able to enter product information and manage products efficiently.