Our Technologies

Integrated Technology Platform

Leveraging our own InstaJS platform, we provide enterprises with a single integrated platform to meet your technological needs for ERP, CRM, HR, eCommerce, messaging, system integration, and custom built solutions for your enterprise.

Enterprise Blockchain

Instill trust with your cleints and partner by bringing the blockchain to your applications. Our InstaJS platform can get you started on the blockchain with just a few clicks and transform your apps to dapps.

Impeccable Security

Our unique features enable your applications to Encrypt Data BEFORE it reaches the cloud and also alerts you of unauthroized data tampering.

InstaJS Platform
The InstaJS platform is a cloud-based IDE (Integrated development environment) platform that powers enterprise transformation from business case to roadmap to delivery. By integrating development, database, UI development and future technologies like the Blockchain, the platform offers a one-stop solution for rapid development.

The InstaJS vision is to integrate and simplify.  

  • IDE Platform
  • Websites Builder
  • Mobile Apps Builder
  • Rapid Blockchain Apps