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Rapid Enterprise Solutions Development

We integrated all of the key tools and processes needed for developing enterprise-grade solutions into a single easy-to-use cloud platform.  Obtain results multiple times faster than using traditional approaches!  From websites, mobile apps, custom ERP systems and more, one platform does it all.

Enterprise Blockchain

Be at the forefront of the Blockchain revolution.  Our InstaJS platform is blockchain protocol agnostic, this means that your investment in this area can easily evolve with the latest blockchain technologies.  InstaJS is the best way for your company to explore the possibilities of the blockchain.

Security & More

 As a Cloud-native service, we recognize the need for security and testing.  Our platform enables sensitive fields to be encrypted and private keys to be privately controlled so that even we as the service provider are unable to access the information.  Additionally, all solutions provided by InstaJS come with automated testing to ensure that applications continue to operate as expected. 

InstaJS Platform
The InstaJS platform is a cloud-based IDE (Integrated development environment) platform that powers enterprise transformation from business case to roadmap to delivery. By integrating development, database, UI development and future technologies like the Blockchain, the platform offers a one-stop solution for rapid development.

The InstaJS vision is to integrate and simplify.  

  • IDE Platform
  • Websites Builder
  • Mobile Apps Builder
  • Rapid Blockchain Apps

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